About Us

Tick Rater was created as we wanted to provide a way for shoppers to find the best of everything without having to wade through 1,000’s of reviews.

In our opinion, there is an overwhelming amount of information available out there on forums, comments, articles, social media, and much more besides.  Every day, thousands of new reviews are published, which makes it incredibly difficult to track all of them. It can be a frustrating experience knowing who to trust. It’s time-consuming, tiring, and often confusing.

Tick Rater was developed in order to do all the hard work for you. Our custom made software and algorithm scans thousands of reviews every day and gathers user experiences in order to present a fair and unbiased sentiment.  We want to make your shopping experience enjoyable, simple, and stress-free, allowing you to enjoy the things in life which are actually important. We are glad to see our readership and customers growing every day and we will continue to improve the user experience.